Thursday, December 9, 2010

Welcoming Mr. Winter

Winter has come, and baby, it is cold outside. 

We stay in, hang out.  It's a quieter way to live, for sure.  But we welcome winter around here.  I recognize many of you may not share in our joy, but for us snowy, cold weather comes bearing gifts of slower paced living and togetherness. 

It inspires creative planning on what to do when it's just too cold to be outside, at least for long.  And I look forward to picnics fireside, exploring the indoors, baking, crafting, reading a good book...or maybe 10.

I keep a "happiness journal," etching down as I feel so inclined all that I love or am grateful for about a day.  Today's entries include:
Hot showers on cold days.

The smell of my husband's Irish Spring bar soap.  (And Eden must love it too, because this is what I discovered when she'd disappeared for a bit.)

Reading at the table with a hot cup of coffee, watching my kids play together.

Things crocheted.  Yes, Mom, I appreciate a good doily now.  I know you're proud.

Yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup, the way my grandma always made it, avec tomato and popcorn.  I ask you, IS there any other way?

Ugly but snugly socks.

Date night with the hubs.

The smell of sandalwood incense burning at my parents' house.  It's so very Christmas to us.

And, since this is a blog about becoming...our sweet little Si-guy who became a crawler AND cut two teeth this last week.  He's getting so big...

 (Which would you guess is his favorite teether?)

(You got it!  My necklace, which is funny.  That's coincidentally why I wear it.  Just kidding.)

A quiet house, gentle tapping of computer keys, the soft glow of a Christmas tree.

I open the door wide to you, Mr. Winter.  Please do stay awhile.


  1. love the highlighted bit from 14,000 things. and you're right - grandma always did the tomato soup/cheese sandwich combo the best.

    p.s. i love the fleet foxes song :).

  2. I love that you welcome winter! I'm trying to learn to do the same... I've spent too many years just wishing it were April already. The happiness journal helps lots!