Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silver Linings


It's official: except for a few odds and ends at my parents' place and the pieces of ourselves we left behind, we have moved.  Bittersweet - I've had my tearful moments.  But it is so good to have Jon home, to have dinners and even lunches together.  Looking forward to sweeter days ahead.  (And visits, rights?  Guest room is set up and waiting for you guys.  For reals.)


I don't need surgery.  Still have to stay off my foot completely for another two weeks plus time of building strength up after that...but I'm healing.  Got the x-rays to prove it.  My God is kind.  He would be even if I did need surgery, but I am so very thankful...

I don't stop to try to figure things out; to try to solve the riddles and whys and what's-the-meaning-behind-this's of life.  I don't really see the point.  It's all just adventure.  Another chapter, another part of the story.  And this story I observe unfolding, is a good one.

Our church family and my own extended family have come over every day for three weeks to help me with laundry, to help with my kids, to make sure they went down for naps, got outside to play, cut hair, painted toenails, went to the store.  And then, they sent us off with a walker, a shower chair, and a freezer full of food to help make the final move easier for our family. 

Eden, my little firecracker that first and forever made me a momma, has come alive.  The little nurturer has awakened within her  When she isn't helping me reach something or running to get something for me, she kisses the baby growing inside me.  We read stories and draw her hand on crisp white pages.  She goes out on adventures and brings me back flowers and rocks, little gifts of the outdoors.

For as long as his busy boy body will allow, my sweet Silas snuggles with me.  He showers me with sloppy wet smooches.  We mimic each other and have fake laugh contests.  (He usually wins 'cause I can't fake it for long.  Real laughter erupts from within me.  Can't help it.  His fake laugh gets me every time.)

Then there's my guy, Jonathan Simeon.  The man that I love and married, when I swore I'd never get married.  He bears all this added responsibility on strong, capable shoulders, bathing kids and getting them tucked in for the night.  He goes grocery shopping.  He stays up late to help me shower - not in the steamy honeymoon version following a day of "I dos."  It's the "Hey, I need you 'cuz I can't do it on my own and I'm gonna start stinking" version.  In sickness and in health.

And somehow the magic of need is transforming our little family.  The humility of not being able to do things for myself, requiring me to swallow pride and ask for help, is changing me.  And it's all knitting us tighter together, tucked up in love.  I'm so glad for a slower pace to be able to see.  To notice, to soak it all in.

My reading has been so very timely...

And I'm so very thankful - for a God that sends people to take good care of us.  And for people that respond as His hands and heart.  There aren't words.  And while thank you doesn't seem to quite suffice, thank you. 

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  1. Those are some beautiful reminders...He shows favor to the humble. What a gracious Father to carry you through!