Friday, January 28, 2011



An instance where a noun is bastardized and used as an adjective.
An adjectnounative in action: Upon finding a kitchen full of dirty dishes, the thirsty man says "It's O.K., I'll just use the biggest, plasticest cup i can find."

roll with the punches

When things don't go your way and you adapt to the changes and keep moving ahead instead of flippin out; coping with and understanding adversity by being flexible.

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I'm no boxer, though, I did see Million Dollar Baby once.  But I get that to roll with a punch is to lessen the blow, avoiding a direct hit.  Which is sorta what we've been up to.  'Cuz life doesn't always go according to plan. 

And when it doesn't?  Find the happiest, clothiest blanket and have a picnic next to the warmest, cracklingest fire you can make.

Turn on the awesomest, musicish station.  And dance, dance, dancity, dance.

Do a little of the things that make you smile, like perusing a flea market looking for the funkiest, treasurey finds you see.

Practice your clapping...


...and find the sunshiney...

...because it can be found. 

It's how we do (how we do: the manner in which we accomplish our goals. ex. Thing one: this party is sick. Thing two: it's how we do).

Hope you picnic, dance, peruse, clap, and find the sunshiney true roll-with-the-punches style.  (Stuck?  Give a few adjectnounatives a whirl.  You'll feel prettyish awesome.)

Happy Fridaying, all!


  1. I feel prettyish awesome just reading this :)
    Once again, your choice of music rocks!
    I may have mastered the vampire howls, or whatever you call those...