Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Things New

So...is it too late to wish you a Merry Christmas?  Because it was...merry, that is...and I so hope it was for you and yours. 

After we returned home from our Christmas Eve service, we had a surprise visit from an unwanted house guest.  It knocked three out of the four of us out with ick in our noses, ears and chests, and frankly, it stayed entirely too long.  So we altered holiday vacation plans and laid low. 

And then January entered the scene.  I love January.  Fresh starts.  Clean slates.  Goals.  Dreams.  All things new.

There are few feelings worse to me than the one of excess.  Scraping off plates and cleaning out the fridge always leaves me wanting to become a better steward of the bounty of the everyday (and under appreciated).  I'll spare you the "kids are starving in Africa" speech...but they are, you know.

And, well, the truth is, December is a whole month - love it as I may - dedicated to the excessive.  Over-eating.  Over-drinking.  Over-shopping,  Over-spending.  Over-what-have-you-ing.

Then, in a night, we wave goodbye and hello to a year.  Pausing.  Reflecting.  Remembering the good, because it should be celebrated.  Conscience of failed attempts at becoming the people we want to be...and the change we long to embrace.

January comes riding in on the scene like a knight on a white horse in a movie.  And while no, we don't wake up on the first of a new year different people, we give ourselves permission for things to change.  Eat less fake food.  Become a better boss.  Spend more time with our children.  Travel.  Do good.  Love more.

All things new. 

So tell me, what is the new you want to be?

Happy New Year.  And happy all-things-new-ing.

Here's to the journey.

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  1. i want to be present. to see the wonderful in the mundane. and to pursue life... not just wait for it to happen. there's my 2011 be-new list.

    love you sister.