Friday, February 11, 2011

Bonjour Blog...And Hello California

So when you live in the mid-west, February gets long.  Especially when you get hit with an ice storm followed by more snow.  And we love the winter...but rumblings grow under contentment making us so ready for spring. 

Or for some sunny days in California.

We laundered, listed, stacked, packed up and headed for northern CA, ready to refresh frozen cabin-fever spirits with warm sunshine and some long overdue time with extended family.


Our little Si-guy became a passenger in an airplane.  And his sis acted like an old flying pro.

We had a lay-over in Vegas-baby and made the most of it with a picnic of airport crap and a game of kick-the-ball-and-try-not-to-knock-anyone-out.  We found it's a great game to meet fellow travelers.

And Cali, with it's breezy 70 degrees is not gonna disappoint.  Nor is eating In-N-Out outside with the cousins.

Tomorrow, our Edie-girl becomes a flower girl in Uncle Dan and Aunt Megan's wedding.  (Can I get a big yikes from the momma's?)  And family from all over is coming together to celebrate. 

So much more goodness to come.  Sending you some sunshine.


  1. soak up that sun, sister! love to see the fun you're having!

  2. So fun! Glad your plane ride looked relatively uneventful. Flying to the west coast with two littles has bad memories for me. Enjoy the sunshine!!