Friday, February 18, 2011

Snapshots of a Lovely Day

Apparently I really did send some of you sunshine.  'Cuz it's been 65 and sunny back home.  And today, it's been snowing.  In Redding.  California.  Snow sticking to palm trees.  Seriously, give us our weather back.  Well, guess I told you I would send sun your way.  And, baby, do I deliver.  Anybody want a car?

Not much to say tonight.  But yesterday, we enjoyed a day trip to San Francisco and Berkley.  It was sunny.  And the drive was lovely.

We stopped in Berkley for lunch, old stompin' grounds for my Father-in-Law.  (And seriously, how fun is it to throw in old phrases like "old stompin' grounds?")

Shed layers in a local (indoor) rainforest...

Aunt Mel is so fun! 

...and then headed for the airport to send our sis, Mel, back home to New Zealand...and to her new hubs.  They've only been married a few weeks.  I know they were so ready to be together again.  We weren't quite ready to let her go.

After hugs and showers of "we'll miss you"s, we waved and went on to Fisherman's Wharf.  I'm sure I looked like a crazy tourist snapping photos, but it was gorge...

Ames could totally take him.

And then signora-ed the city for the drive home.

A truly lovely day.


  1. Yeah, thank you for that! San Fran is just beautiful, though. I loved fisherman's wharf - looks so fun :)

  2. super fun!! looks gorgeous - and i love seeing all of those lovely metz faces!!