Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Being Mom

I love being a momma.  And I know it's a couple days past Mothers' Day, but sometimes, a few days removed offer best perspective.

The days can be grey and cloud-covered, I can go to bed ticking off all the ways I have failed them, but the next day, the sun comes up and my kids greet me with all-things-new-face in the morning. 

Jon asked Eden who her best friend was on Mother's Day.  She said, Momma.  And I bottled that up, stored on a shelf of the blessings of motherhood.  I'm gonna need to build more shelves.

I love these two little people who call me Momma.  Not because of what they have done or who they might become, simply for who they are.

Sunday was a lovely day with my momma (we missed our Momma Metz!).  My sister and I cooked - Lemon Pasta (thank you Pioneer Woman) and Pecan Crusted Chicken (at least this part was GF, Sara!) - we decorated; we even broke out the cloth napkins and table covering.  'Cuz she's our mom...and she's been there, cheering us on, correcting our steps, laying herself aside, all along the way.

Photo by Kenna.  And yes, that's me as a cheerleader.  It was Halloween.  Don't judge.

Mother's Day always gets me thinking about legacy, about the women who went before me, about my daughter who will go after me. 

It's just a day, Mother's Day, but it's like a giant pause button is pushed, allowing for closer inspection.  And you marvel and appreciate and soak it up.  I wonder what traditions my kids will carry on, will they eat popcorn with tomato soup; will they sing spontaneously throughout the day; will they know they can resolutely trust in their Heavenly Father, even if their hearts are shattered.  Will they love...because they knew love.

Photo by Kenna.

Photo by Kenna.

Cheers to you, Mommas, who love littles.  Cheers to you, Grand-mommas, who love your littles' littles.  Cheers to you Aunties who love your nieces and nephews like they are your own.  And cheers to the presence of woman in our lives - nurturing, encouraging, sheltering, celebrating.  Whether you birthed us or just stood beside us, we are all better people because of you.


  1. Beautiful post! Love the family photo and the one of your little guy with his arms outstretched to you. :)

    And one question - Does Kendra go by "Kenna" now? Or is that someone else?

  2. Cheers to you, Ang! I love your idea of pics in the jars, and look at you cooking mother's day dinner like you don't have a broken leg!

    Every breath is a second chance - love that line...

  3. Sweet little fam.....Love you.

  4. Sam - yep Kenna:Kendra. We've called her that for as long as I can remember. She's a great photographer. And thanks for your kind comment!

    Sara - confession: I found this idea on Pinterest.com. Did you get my invite to it? Love it and know you will, too.

    Julie - we love you and simply must coordinate a trip your way again soon.