Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back, Jack

Bags are still loitering around our house, filled with items waiting to be put back proper-like.  But we left them, sad and end-of-a-great-trip-deflated, and stole away for some final family moments of vacay.

For breakfast we Panera-picnicked-and-played at the park.

We returned home for my littlest love to dream of swings and slides while Jon and Eden went for a daddy-daughter-date...to the pool.  Edie's first time.  Turns out chica's got gills.  Wish I had the pictures to prove it.  I asked her what her favorite part was and she told me, all brave-like, "Swimmin' in the deep."  She followed that up with a second favorite: dumping water on Dada's head.  That's my brave, silly little fish.

Back to the blanket for dinner, complete with lighted-tennis-courts.  Nothing candled or fancy, but fun for our little fam, eatin' melon and brats and watchin' Daddy do one of the things he loves.

I hope they grow up lovin' it, too...

Much to come about Tennessee.  The time was so good.  The week was, as usual, not long enough.  We left the land of mossy rock and red dirt with full hearts. 


  1. Sweet, sweet memories! So glad that you had a refreshing time, Ang!

  2. I love that you sucked every last marrow you could out of your last vacation day :) That is so awesome about Eden swimmin' in the deep!

    And, what's the update on your leg? Just wondering...

  3. Thank you, Holly & Sara, for your constant celebration with us. You are both so dear!