Monday, August 8, 2011

This, That

We accumulated miles last week.

We celebrated my dad's 5-9 and hung with my cousin, Jonathan, visiting for the week.  We Bananagramed and watched Mike and Frank of American Pickers climb over heaps of garbage to find old pinball games and Laurel and Hardy heads...hidden gems in piles of trash.  We headed downtown for a concert on the river where littles ate ice cream cones larger than their heads and Eden asked Jonathan to dance.  I listened to my brother and cousins jam on guitars in my living room while I made dinner.  And we headed to my sister-in-law's place where I learned to fold and turn paper into origami cranes and where my littles had their first push-pop.  We broke in a little more summer with my sister, Krista, and her family visiting for a few days.

Photo by Kenna.

Photo by Kenna.

Saturday evening we crashed back at home, hearts hungry for a little regroup as a family.

I'm not sure how your week went last week.  It may have been littered with heartache or triumph.  I spotted this on Pinterest this week and was encouraged.

Everyday is a blank page.  And maybe you didn't like who you became last week.  There's good news.  The story isn't over.  And just like in a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you can change directions.  Set your sight.  Point your feet.  Be a better story.

Happy Monday, all.


  1. I love Choose Your Own Adventure books! And I am so glad every day is a blank page, otherwise my story could be a tragedy!

  2. I too loved those books! Mmm...grace.So in need of it, so grateful for it!

  3. Oh, Anna - made me laugh! Pretty sure I could say the same. Love you so...