Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

True to time, July flew off, leaving August behind.  Hellos and goodbyes, hand in hand.

So-long July insta-week.

We said good-bye to paci's on the last night of July.  It was rough.  Eden has been throwing her paci's away each morning, one by one, all week.  She's been thrilled, so proud of how very big she is.  And Saturday night was the first of none.  Her little heart writhed as the reality sunk in.  She bossed, she pleaded, she scavenged for a stray paci in her bed, my bag.  And my heart ached as she struggled with her first loss.  Her first of many, I know.  And though we soothed, Jon and I were unmoved, knowing it was time to let it go. 

We make hard decisions as parents - knowing that the immediate pain is better in the long term for our littles.  But it doesn't hurt your heart less.  And when I couldn't take any more, I scooped her up out of her bed and laid her down in ours for the night.  Swapping one comfort for another.

And my baby-turned-big-girl made it.  She survived the night.  Tonight she went to her own bed and there were no tears.  We said hello to August.  And I am so proud of her.

We say other August hellos...

...to family - a visit from my cousin, my sister and her family, trips to my sister in law's place. 

...to my dad's birthday.

...and to eight years for Jon and I.

...to a haircut I desperately need.

...to every-two-weeks OB appointments.

...to washing up tiny little clothes and getting them ready for baby girl.

...and to baby-is-coming-house-projects: the loft play-room/office space, the guest/baby's room, Edie & Si's room, adding color to our family room... 

Pinterest inspiration for Edie & Si's room: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Hello to enjoying the last drops of summer!  A happy August, all!


  1. I smiled when I saw #6 (you'll see why on the corners of our home...) I like your style, sis :) And a happy August to you!

  2. Further proof we must be related, Sara! So funny! And where did you find your orange casters? I've looked a bit but no luck...

  3. a friend of mine made it for me for christmas - she just painted them! they're chipping a little, but it adds to the character, i think :)