Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hanging In

If you return a Redbox movie past time, you pay a fee. If a library book is overdue, you are fined. (Don't ask how my procrastination shines in these moments...or the last time I went to a library...)  Babies, however, don't work like this.  And if there were roses inside my womb, well chica done stopped a lllonnng time to smell 'em.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

My due date came and went Sunday.  Pretty sure I handled it as I suspect a lot of women do.  Restless and grouchy, I baked, I rearranged a few drawers, I napped, I did laundry.  Idle hands being the devil's play-things, you know.  But still, no baby.

If you don't laugh you cry about these things.  And once again, the newness of today comes riding in on the scene like a knight on a white horse.  So today we chose laughter.

Tonight we took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Don't ask me why I've drug my feet about this introduction. Maybe it was the idea of crappy-cardboard-pizza, assaulted senses, chaos and untold germs...I dunno.  But they loved it - yelling and pointing from Si and shy-smiling-plus-jumping from Edie.  We'll most def be back.  (Side note: I'm doing my best to control it, but I'm feeling very Tom Haverford tonight.  Clarification - most def: most definitely...as opposed to Mos Def: rapper.)

There is seizing the day.  Grabbing it by the horns and making the most of what comes.  But then there's creating the day.  Shaping it, molding it, stepping away to eye and tweak it.  Bottom line?  We are as happy as we want to be.  And while we cannot control when babies make their grand appearances, we can choose our attitudes as we wait.  Oh, yeah, guess this applies to more than babies.

We looked over the day we made.  It was good.

And we look forward to tomorrow, too.  My Momma Metz flies in from Cali and we get her for a whole week.  See?  Good and more good.  Apps and zerts.  Perspective, baby. 

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