Monday, September 26, 2011

Hunt and Gather

We play the waiting game these days.  Achy and anxious, with several false alarms this week, I'm doing a grown up version of the sit-and-reach, stretching as far as I can to shake the impatience that pants to gnaw away at the peace in my heart.

I know when she's ready, she'll be here.  And it will be the day ordained for her since the beginning.

Looking back on this season I know we'll be thankful for the intensity.  We've lived each day fully, stopping dinner prep to read I Love You Stinky Face and Fancy Nancy for the 14th time each that day, abandoning laundry pre-treating for a quick game of soccer with a beach ball, walking along the sandy shores of Now hunting and gathering memories we'll store forever.

Gems of seashells can be found, bits of pink-and-cream combos poking out of gritty shorelines begging only to be noticed.  Like... walks in the perfection of a fall evening.

...and snatching up snuggles.

...extra time to tackle non-essential projects at a very no-stress-pace (thanks Jason & Erin for your time this week!)

...Jon and Eden making pancakes together Saturday morning.

...the soundtrack of college football and littles' laughter this weekend.

...blanket-stitching letters to shirts for the kids to meet their sister in.

...serious bouts of silly bed jumping.

...feasting on Play Doh snakes-turned-pancakes.  Can I get a "yum"?

...Edie and Si pressing lips to my baby-belly before going to bed...and Baby Girl pressing back.

...Jon putting kids to bed the other night, whistling "America the Beautiful" as a lullaby.

...and my Rock Star hubs in general, making a handful of just-in-case-store runs, cleaning the kitchen, bringing home the new Jane Eyre to watch together, taking the kids so I could have an hour and half all to myself.  Think I'll keep that man...I do...

...and laughing at the funny things little people do.

We notice and pause, hunt and gather the beauty of these days, knowing they are fragile and few.  Hope you can do the same today.  Happy Monday, all.


  1. love that the mobile has been hung! can't wait to see it in person. love you sister!

  2. Angie, I know I've said this before but thank you again and again for reminding me to reflect on life. It seems you have the perfect and ideal life that I hope to have someday, but your blogs make me reflect on my own life at that given moment and I realize that my own story is just as wonderful, although mine is at an entirely different pace :)
    I hope that you'll continue your blog after #3 arrives when things get settled because they truly are a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you for sharing and congrats on baby M when she makes her debut! You are truly blessed and thank you for sharing!

  3. Jill, thank you so much! You are so lovely...I pray you hear His singing today...