Thursday, November 10, 2011

More love

Hello November 10.

October vanished at our house, as I'm sure you can imagine.  After two weeks of help from my Momma Metz, my hubs, and my mom, I braved the transition to three on my own. You know you aren't on top of things when you're picking carpet fibers out of your toothbrush and deleting nursing pictures off your phone.  Sorry mommas...Mother of the Year Award is all mine.  Maybe next year?  Mmmk.

Three kids in three years is busy, I won't lie.  And the days are full of running.  At times I'm tempted with impatience and long for quiet.  But in the midst of the crazy, when all three littles need something at the same time and I'm subbing coffee for sleep, a Clif bar for breakfast and carrots/hummus for lunch, I find myself praying for more love.

Love to hear that my three year old needs to talk and my 20 month old needs to cuddle.  Love to stop and play Elefun when our toilets need cleaned and dishes are piled up at the sink.  Love to snuggle a newborn when all I want to do is dive into my bed and sleep.  Love to enjoy and relish this sweet season where months disappear and littles grow at lightning speed. 

And this God of Angel Armies?  This Creator-King?  He stoops down to hear the prayers of a tired momma.  He gives me clear vision and fills me up.  Exhausting as it is, I'm loving the challenge to dig deeper.  I'm loving my role as "mom" more than ever.

We'll hit a new stride and I'll be back to posting more regularly, I swear. But until then, O Lord, let me see well the beauty of now.  O Lord, give me more love...

And above all...put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony...
Colossians 3.14


  1. Praying for God to fill you with love and energy today, Ang!

  2. this was so timely for me...on a day when the dishes are piling up and my kiddos are acting remember to ask for more love and to think about what really matters. thanks, Ang!

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  4. your posts always make me smile :)
    - love that maizy looks wide awake and jon looks like the one who's having "sweet dreams."
    - love the pigtails and animal crackers - don't you think your memories of these days will include the smell of animal crackers?
    - love the superhero with his bat.
    - love your heart ang, and the reminder of the Filler of our cups.

  5. so, i have spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to delete that old comment!!! it was basically the comment above, but more typos and fragmented sentences. i also burnt my grilled cheese in the process :) but i wanted to explain the mysterious "removed by the author part." sorry :)

  6. Sara! I'm so sorry about your grilled cheese! :) you poor thang! I wish I could tell you to pop over and I'd make you another one...but it'd be a crazy trip for a grilled cheese. And, sincerely, thanks for all the "love."

    Heather! Thank you for sharing your heart. I pray you lots of days were little guys weight- out dishes. And I have total confidence what a great momma you are!

    Holly! He has been answering your prayers! Thank you...