Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I think she's picked her song.

Each of our littles have snuggled up with Aunt Kenna early in life, bonding over lyrics and melodies.  They smile into each other's hearts, discuss, break, regroup, try others on...  And at some point walk away with a lullaby pact.  A sort of secret handshake.  You sing THAT song, you're in.  I'll be happy.  Deal?  Deal.

Eden's - Three Little Birds

Silas' - Pack Up Your Troubles


Who's my pretty baby?  Who's my pretty little baby? 
You're my, my pretty little baby. Hey, hey, pretty babe.

And we will keep up our end, let me tell you.  We like happy babies.  Hey, hey.

I love this time of year.  Dear ones gather, the faucet of togetherness on full blast.  Thanksgiving fades to Christmas and graduates to New Year's.  Family and friends leave the grit of routine and step under the reuniting waters of love and tradition.

thankful (adj.)
conscious of benefit received; expressive of thanks

Coming to the end of a year of change and uncertainty I can say with conviction that I am thankful this Thanksgiving.  Thankful for the adventure of life, broken ankles and all.  Thankful for the ways it changes us.  Thankful for new days.  I'm thankful for forgiveness.  I'm thankful for family that are friends and friends that are family.  That hard seasons pass.  That good seasons come.  That through it all, no matter the season, the Alpha and Omega - the Beginning and End - of our souls stays.  And if we made a pact with Him, if He sang a lullaby over us, I think it'd sound something like this.

I pray you know His arms this holiday.  I pray you pause between the stories and pumpkin pie.  I pray you hear His melody wash over your soul.

Happy giving-thanks-Thanksgiving, all.

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  1. that did my heart a world of good. yes, yes it did.