Monday, February 27, 2012

From Cali, With Love

We've been California-ing with Jon's family this week.  And it's been lovely.  Sunshine, mountainside, story-tellin' kinda lovely.  The kind that takes me back to being little and wishing my whole, big family could live in the same house and stay together always.

Holy sunrise in the sky, Batman.

And no joke, the locale-Oscar for serious real goes to the Metz fam.  The thank-you list is long and the music is playing, but thanks for being you and for living in such a gorgeous place.  We double-love to visit.  

Maizy meets Great-Grammy P.

Meeting our newest guy, Bennett.

It's Monday, a brand new start to a brand new week.  And as your list of things to do and check off grows, I share some wisdom that has been humbling me in waves:

It doesn't matter what you get done if you've undone a heart.  There are no real accomplishments apart from relationship. 

We head home tomorrow, and my list of today's to-do's includes little things like laundry and packing...and soaking up the last bits of California vacationing, drinking in final moments with those we love and see not often enough.

Whatever today holds for you, I hope you accomplish slowing down and taking time.  Notice.  See.  And check off all those boxes with love.

Happy, happy Monday, all.  

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  1. what beautiful people:)! so glad you've had such a wonderful time, sister!