Friday, April 27, 2012

Club Life

Jon and I are a part of an elite club.  A three-kids-three-and-under club.  And like bikers camaraderie with fists on the open road, we spot and acknowledge those among us across a restaurant or in the diaper aisle at Target.  We lock eyes and swap 'sup nods, knowingly.  We smile, 'cuz we get it. a little bit crazy.

We encourage independence and clean up messes.  We read books and listen to stories on repeat.  We play-date.  We lose track of time.  Sleep ebbs more than it flows.  Patience stretches thin.  We cry.  We worry.  We regret and "I'm sorry."  

And all the while these little people, these life-lovers, coax and remind us to notice and enjoy the world.  To escape the weight and worry.  To love today, this day, with wide-open heart.  

To laugh.

To find fun.  

To explore.  And discover. 

To drink deep the beauty of a place.

To slow down and be close. 

And to awe over the magnificence of it all.  

Live in the sunshine, 
swim in the sea, 
drink the wild air.


Join the club.  Be little.  Look for fun.  And laugh.  Hold those you love close.  Live a bit crazy.  And love today, this day.

Happy Friday, all!

1 comment:

  1. Having three 3 and under makes the fact that you can put 2 sensible words together amazing. But, how you allow beauty to flow through your words and inspire us all is completely astounding, Ang!
    Much love and thanks to you!