Monday, June 6, 2011


Not all good-byes are sad ones.

Friday, my Orthopedic Doc came in smiling, "You've laid out a whole lotta bone."  Which apparently was good; after 9 weeks on the inside, I was freed from maximum security and left his office with new footwear.

Try not to be jealous, all.  I'll share when I'm done - then you, too, can have a sexay black lace-up peeking out of your summer sandals.

One more week with crutches.  Four-to-six more weeks of the lace-up.  There is light ahead.  I would not wish this experience on anyone - caring for littles and a home with such limitation, grounded and dependant.  The days have been dark.  But I have gained much more than I lost: patience, flexibility, humility, time to simply be with my kiddos, sit with my husband...all opportunities for great joy. 

We got more good news last week: we are having a girl.  Think we may even have a name.  Can't give it away just husband may change his mind.  But I'll just tell you, it starts with an "M" and sounds like "daisy."  I hope he doesn't change his mind.  I'm pretty smitten...

But whatever her name may be, I am amazed at how my God's kindness once again pushes forward in our lives. We are having a girl close to my late Grandma Marge's birth date.  In some way, that makes her seem closer, the way it does when Edie is wrapped up in a blanket from her flannels.  Tender and special in more ways than I can say.  On top of that, Eden is going to have a sister. (I tell Si what I lucky little dude he is - sandwiched between girls.)  And sister means forever friend, at least to me.


I'm already ready to go back. 

And I think the best thing about the week is that we always leave wanting more, and adding it all to the list for next year.  Like this restaurant Jon and I discovered tucked away on a mountainside on our last day.  Date night next year, baby.

Highlight #1: Taking littles to the Pigeon River to wade, "skip" rocks, and discover. 

Highlight #2: A local coffee shop find, sipping yummy goodness in the morning air with littles.  (Added that one to the list for next year, too.)

Highlight #3: Rocking on the front porch with my mom and sisters, talking, laughing, reading...together.

All in all, we spent time soaking up all the beautiful things about together.

Photo by Kenna.

Photo by Kenna.

Photo by Kenna.

Photo by Kenna.

Ditto - Kenna's.

We signora-ed Tennessee that final night with dinner outside together, celebrating the week, next year's lists secured in our hearts.  

Tennessee, you've been good to me...
I can see stars shining in your night
Your daytime seems like Cash and Patsy Cline
They may not be what everybody needs
But they touch my soul
That's good enough for me



  1. Totally great stuff, Ang. Can't wait for your ankle to be completely healed.

  2. Beautiful, just *beautiful* So good to hear about your leg! And, you'll have to let me in on your secret little sites in TN when we go again (if you don't mind :)

  3. Kat, thanks so much for your kindness!

    Sara, would love to share. They should not be secret from the Royers. :)