Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Long before I saw the proof, I knew Jon would be a good dad. 

He enjoys our kids.  He loves to cuddle and wrestle and observe all the new things they do.  And as much as I tease him about my poor planning in marrying a man that loves babies so much, I'm sincerely grateful that he does. 

Edie and I made crepes and cinnamon mocha for Jon for breakfast.  I say "we"...reality was that Eden washed the berries and then left to go play with her dad.  And I love that.

We went to my parents' place for lunch and celebrated my dad.  I made gumbo...and then burned the rice.  How does someone burn rice you ask?  Secrets I cannot share.  But my dad was my dad, patient for the next batch of rice to be made.

Extra hungry bellies make anything taste good.  We washed gumbo down with rhubarb and strawberry pies.  They were divine...and it wasn't because we were hungry.

Strawberries picked earlier in the week debuted on Fathers' Day. Recipe: my Aunt Julie; master chef: Kenna.

The day was full, but good.  And I'm blessed by the men in my life who are truly great fathers: Dad, Jon, Marc.  I am a witness.  Love you all.

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