Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snatching Up Summertime

I've been inspired:

Source:  Love Lisa and her stuff!

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Jon and I aren't great planners. We like spontaneity. But there is something to be said for putting pen to paper and setting goals.  With only 7 more days in June, a summer-to-do-list ensures we soak up all the muggy-fireflies-nights can offer. An intentional effort to not look back, wishing.

We are working on our own list. Pretty sure it won't be on a giant chalkboard - though it's cute. Not sure what all will be on it, but I do know there will be kite flying. And a drive-in movie. Making this doormat, for sure:

Found on; doormat from Martha Stewart.

Maybe even taking a mini-cation, just the four of us, celebrating all that we have been as a foursome...before we become five. A fierce five, to be sure, but a forever shift for our family none the less.

And whatever else is on the list, a whole lot more of this:

Cheers to longer days and driving back roads, windows down. Cheers to ice cream and fireflies. Cheers to evening swims and lighted tennis courts. Cheers to summer. Drink deep.

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  1. I love the way you think! (I wrote my post last night and posted it this morning when I got up - are we on the same wave-length or what? :)