Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let it Be

If there's one thing I've learned so far this year it's that plans don't always go like you think and that if you are willing to let go of ideal, you can appreciate life in its raw, natural, beautiful state.

Yesterday, as I was prepping for an outdoor-turned-indoor-cuz-of-rain party, the synapses weren't firing. I'm not sure if it was the change, the last minute store run, the busyness of the week or the late nights of kiddos wrestling sleep, but I was off my game.

And true to them, my family and friends rolled up sleeves and went to work at a party they were supposed to just show up and enjoy.  They offered assurance in my mess.  And we decided that dinner could be late if the time together was sweet.

(Party pictures, courtesy of Kenna.)

My friend Sara's scrumptious Brazillian cheese bread.  Recipe here. 


Kendra asked Eden after everyone left what her favorite part of the party was.  She didn't talk about the food or the decorations...the hats or the presents.  She loved having her friends at her house, singing "Happy Birthday" to her, being together.  Raw.  Lovely.

Today we are slowly putting our house back to order. We are sweeping cupcake crumbs.  We gather trash. We return stray guest room pillows to their rightful place.

But mostly we are staying in our PJ's extra long today. 

And have dance parties and races down the hallway.  We will play.  And we will soak in the after party, resting in the aftermath of being loved and blessed by the dear ones in our lives.

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