Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Silas

Two years ago today I became a momma to a son.  

I had no idea then how fully smitten I would be with you, little man.  The ways your sweet, tender spirit would interweave around in my world, tangling up my heart.  And I have a feeling that in two, ten, fifty more years, I'll say the same thing.  Because love grows, it expands the home of the soul to make room for more...and more and more.  

I squeezed in as many kisses and snuggles and "look at this one-year-old belly...ear...nose..." as you would stand yesterday.  I couldn't help it.  You'll never be one again.

Si-guy, you know we celebrate life at our house.  'Cuz it's presh, yo.  It's a gift.  And it's never guaranteed.  

And it blesses me to overflow that you have been rallied around by those who love you in California, in Dayton, and here, at home.  

Today as we marvel at you - this little boy with the big heart, this God-dreamed-up life - I am thankful for the front row seat I've been given to watch you become two.  To see your personality and spirit unfold.  To observe how you notice and take in your world.  To delight in how it moves you to laugh, to dance, to help.

I love you, buddy.  I'm honored to be your mom, a gift I'll never recover from.  

Happy Birthday.  

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