Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ahh...This is the Life

Sarah Schwarz makes it look so easy.  Like anyone could just hop up off the sofa and dance on a bouncing wire in the circus. 

And so it is with happy people.  They make it look like breathing.  Like anyone off the street could pull through the drive-through at Chick-Fil-A and ask for a number 7 and pair of rose colored glasses, thank you very much.

I love my life.  I'm a stay at home mama of a vivacious two year old girl and the happiest seven month old boy you've ever seen.  I married my college sweetheart 7 years ago and his heart and eyes are still for me.  I have friends I call sisters and brothers and sisters and a brother I call friends.  My parents still love each other and love Jesus most of all.

But there are days like today.  Days where I want to crawl up the walls.  Noisy days like today where I long for a moment of silence to remember what it is exactly I came upstairs to do.  Days where I long for a quiet morning to sip a whole, hot, cup of coffee.  Days where I don't trip over colored pencils and scattered toys that I promise I JUST picked up. 

I'm convinced: Happiness isn't found somewhere else.  It's not found with another man or different kids or in a different house or in a different city with different friends.  Nope.  Happiness is here. 

And I want to soak it all up, soak it all in.  The quiet and the noise.  The mess and the laughter.  I don't want to miss it.  I don't want to look back and wonder where the time went; I want to look back and think what a great time it all was. 

Wherever you are, be all there.  (Jim Elliot)

Guess tightrope walkers start somewhere.  And there's lots of falling ahead, to be sure.  But bring it on, Sarah; bring it on.


  1. Ang! I'm so glad you are doing this - I'll be gleaning your wisdom!

  2. Thank you for sharing yourself, friend!

  3. Amazing...and true. Thanks for the reminders.

  4. Yes...Angie...I have to agree! Treasure every moment...even though they may not appear like moments to treasure...I didn't start drinking coffe of tea until all the kids were grown...there just wasn't time! These times when Edie and Si are very little will be gone in a moment...Happiness is not found from without...always from within. I so wish I was there to help you out. Tomorrow they will be off to school and the next day graduating from high seems like it happens that fast! =) Love are doing an amazing job!!