Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the Little Things

The day called us to play.  Sunlight laughed outside my kitchen window and as if I needed anymore convincing, a bluebird landed in the grass, showing off his happy colors.

And so we left this,

hunting for treasure.  We found beauty when we left to-do lists and looked for the things that are so little, they're easily missed or unappreciated, walked over in our hurry to get somewhere.

 (holy macro - I'm still trying to figure it out...)

We looked, we touched, we smelled, we listened.  We saw leaves and flowers and sticks and acorns and ducks and a caterpillar. 

We found that leaves are tasty, that shoes are not necessary for nature walks, that tractors are sexy (yes, I've heard the song...just don't get it) and that love was here.

And I'm not sure about the elephants where you live, but the ones around here love to get their pictures taken.

I discovered a few of the littles I tend to overlook, too.

Once we returned and my two little explorers were nappin' it in their beds, I did a bit more seeking and found jewels here at home, too.

The dirty dishes I left in our sink mean we are not going hungry.  Not everyone world-over can say that.  And when I turned the faucet on, our water was clean and hot.  My kids shoes to hate wearing and warm, safe beds to sleep in.  It breaks my heart that so many do not.  My husband works hard so that I can stay home with our children and have little, simple days like these. 

It's amazing how easily I forget. 

So today, as I notice the mini-handprints on the mirror I cleaned yesterday, I am thankful.  They prove little people with little hands live here. (I had to specify little people with little hands because I knew if I just said people with little hands, some of you -coughkendrakondocoughcough- might think of the SNL sketch, and that wasn't what I was going for at all.)

And, anyway, I'm so glad for these little things.  Hoping you pause to see the little things in your life today, too.


  1. This is just beautiful. Thanks for your inspiration. Why do we ever live life any other way?

  2. while i know some may think i'm biased - i am officially in love with your blog :).

    and thanks for the clarification about the little hands... otherwise i would've rushed over to see if kristen wiig was at your place today :)

    p.s. awesome camera work!

  3. i honestly think i may have only managed a breath and a half during that entire read. WOW Angie. thanks for leading me in worship with your words!!!!!!!