Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The becoming of a person is artful.  Layers of brushstrokes on crisp white canvases, open for endless possibilities.

Two things in life I love: dreaming of who I want to be and hearing the dreams of others.  Like love times a billion.  Because life is a big white canvas and you get to choose who you are.  You don't get to choose your circumstances, perhaps.  You don't choose the home you're raised in.  You don't necessarily get to choose whether or not you will be getting divorced or fighting cancer, but you get to choose who you are.  You get to point your feet in the direction you want to go.  You get to dream...and become.

So, welcome, to this little space of big dreams.  Come in, sip coffee and share a dream with me...or 500.  And please, whatever you do, prop up your muddy shoes on my ottoman and stay a while. 


  1. Ang - i love it. can't wait to read your heart and see where this blog takes you. super excited :).

  2. The art of becoming - I love. In the recent years I have clutched the idea that there are many more aspects in life that are an art form and it has completely refreshed my view of the days ahead and how I could live them. I am so glad Kendra introduced me to your blog and I can't wait for more! Please write lots! because people like you help me to see the beauty in life in the depths and dark closets. -Kat.

  3. Wow babe!!! That was a huge cliff you just jumped off!!! Quite inspiring!!

  4. I am addicted already.
    Is the world ready? we'll see!