Monday, November 15, 2010

Breathing In the Moments

The sky is stunning tonight.  Bits of brilliant white breaking up the inky heavens.  The big dipper pours down air crisp and cool upon the earth.  And it makes you catch your breath at first, but then inhale as deep as you can because, well, it's just that delicious. 

Littles were tucked into bed some time ago, jammied in monkeys and bears, glassy eyed and smelling like lavender and chamomile.  I breathed in deep then, too, 'cuz I'm a lavender lovin' lady.  But also because tomorrow, those two sweet little people will be a whole day older.

Our house is still, quiet now.  Ying to the yang of a weekend of scraping bathroom walls and tile grout, trips to Lowes, cleaning out the garage with brooms and donations.  Throw in a few fights over toys and expectations.  Sprinkle in a few naps to the mix.  Add some family favorite trips to breakfast and a bookstore.  Top it all off with a bright red cherry, celebrating the life of the man I love.  And voila...our weekend.

XO, babe.  I love you.  And I love that you are here, that our days and times are together.  I love walking through life with you, hand in hand, breathing in these moments deeply, for all our days. 

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