Monday, November 1, 2010


It's fall.  The season for hot oatmeal and warm from the oven muffins, cozy blankets and bonfires, crisp air and spectacular star shows against clear, black nights.  In the day, nature gives it's final bows for the year, all grand-finale-style with a bunch of look-at-me colors.  Don't even get me started on the smells...

It's no summer, but fall carries itself with a charm all its own.  And that, mixed with Blessed on repeat at our house, makes for the perfect cocktail of weekend planning.

And, okay, maybe I'm just a mid-western kind of girl, but isn't there something almost magic about farms in the fall?

We worked in a few firsts this weekend, too.

 (Si-guy's first bite of food.  Poor baby.  Change is tough.)

(First solids were followed by a first little trim around the ears.)

(And thanks, Kenna, for this sweet face.  It's hard to be Distracted Mommy Assistant to the Hair-Cutter - my official title - AND photographer.)

I asked my cousin, Beth, once which season of her kids' childhood she loved the most. 

"Oh, I loved every stage," she told me.  Terrible twos?  Lovin' it.  Awkward tween years?  Celebratin' it.  Off-to-college-and-leaving-home years?  Adjusting and enjoyin' it, too.  She found things to love and embrace about every season.

And I want that.
Not every season is about roses and sunshine.  Some are about hunkering down and huddling close to keep warm.  It may be no pool party, but it's so very good.

Enjoy this season, be it summer or fall where you live.  

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