Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happiness Is

...I didn't want to reject my life, I wanted to change my life without changing my life, by finding more happiness in my own kitchen.  I knew I wouldn't discover happiness in a faraway place or in unusual circumstances; it was right here, right now...
Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

Happiness is...

...sunny little thrift store finds. newest little sous-chef.

(and the way his hair is faux-hawkin' it these days.)

...picnics with friends.  Outside.  In November.

...strolling through the woods.  Sans coat or hat.  Did I mention it's November?

Happiness is...

...celebrating the lives of people we love.  Like my mama.  We are so glad she was born.  Not in the we-wouldn't-be-here-with-out-her sort of way; in the we-wouldn't-be-us-with-her sort of way.

...playing with my old Polly Pockets with my girl "EE" (the nickname she gave herself)...

...and watching her line up these Polly's, smile, and say "Mama, look - EE's!"  I love that because my girl is colorblind.  And hope she stays that way.

(My siblings and I, according to Eden: Me, Aunt Kiss, Aunt Ena, & Uncle Sha...who seems to be wearing a dress...)

Happiness is...

...squeezing final drops of sunlight out of the day, playing at a park.

...once-a-week bedtimes with "Aunt Ena" who loves my kids like they are her own.

(And that my sweet little Si-guy swipes his sister's cup when she's not lookin'.)

Happiness is...

...Wednesdays that are Fridays...because my husband is off for the rest of the week.  And yes, we'll be working on house projects, but he's home and we are together.

And happiness is being a mama to two little kiddos that remind me to notice and discover and have fun.


  1. love those mugs... next time i'm definitely asking for coffee ;). love uncle sean's pretty blue dress... i think it suits him well. and i especially love being apart of you and your kiddos world. i tell you the truth, it's a delight.

  2. love your blog, angie!
    you have a way of sharing joy in the little things we tend to forget...and, love the music! i'll confess i listened through the songs last night doing dishes and fell in love with "kim taylor's days like these".

  3. is it against blog etiquette to post a comment on your own blog?

    sara - i love that! she is a concert must see! heard her open for otr a few years back and wished for more. there is nothing like good music to make doing the dishes a bit of bliss. :)

    kenna, i heart you. you know i do.