Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simple Lovelies

It's the little things that make me happy.  Really, it is.  A text from a friend.  Jon scooping Si up for a bath, freeing me to get the dishes done early.  Eden running up to hold my hand.  Si crawling over to give me snuggles.  And the new-to-me-little-things I'm currently loving...

...these measuring cups, purchased at a recent Anthro trip with my sister.  Seriously, do measuring cups get any more amazing than this?

...and what goes better with a new measuring set than a new recipe?  Pioneer Woman strikes again.  Aprons and stilettos; I love that chick.  She cracks me up and whips up some delish cuisine.  Check her out

...this website.  (Spring-Clean-Diva strikes again.) 

...the movie, Temple Grandin.  My new FAVE.  I won't lie - I cried.  Temple is an amazing woman with an incredible story.  Despite personal obstacles - because of personal obstacles - she puts me to shame on the making-the-most-of-it-and-making-something-grand-with-your-life scale.  (Leah and Sara, I have whole new respect for you both in what you do to love those with Autism, professionally and personally.)  Watch it if you haven't, all.  Bring the Kleenex.


In other news, it's snowing today.  Not lovin' that.  But it does make for better packing weather.  We are prepping for Moving Day Take Two around here, excited about this new chapter and all our Kind God has in store.

So, before we go, I got to relish women I have called "friend" at a sweet farewell dinner my sister put on for me Sunday, a Girls' Night In.  I have stood arm in arm with these women.  We've shopped.  We've planned parties.  We've watched each other's kiddos and met up for picnics.  At times, our times have been inconsequential.  At times, we have sat together and made sense of muddle.  We are not perfect.  We've hurt each other.  But we have stood in the face of some of life's devastations and have not been moved.  Because we stood together.  Real love is hard love, baby.

In Eden's case, a friend is someone who looks at your sauce-covered-face and says, "Oh, no.  Look at yo face.  Let me wipe yo face."  (Edie, babe, you better hold on to Anya.)

Seriously, how cute is she??

So thankful for these women and all the little ways they have loved me well.  And as I said before it's the little things that make me happy.  The little things add up.


  1. sure am going to miss you sister...

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  3. I'm sure you will be missed... But how exciting to anticipate new friends to journey with!

    I just watched Lars, per your suggestion, and have thought of that movie so much in the last few weeks. Sounds like I'll need some time to work up to watching Temple :) All the strength we need comes from the Lord, and the dear people He brings to lift up my arms when I don't feel I can possibly hold them up any longer.(Exodus 17.11-13)

  4. oops, don't know what happened above :)