Monday, March 7, 2011


I dream of a vacation where we pack up our family car, prepared for anything.  No plans.  No destination.  Just load up our family, an Atlas, and drive with a spirit for adventure.  Windows down, of course.

For me that's been the beauty of this blog.  I had no set plans, just an idea of a space where I could share and struggle and grow.....become.  You joined me along this journey and off we went.  You could go anywhere and you choose to be here.  Thank you for that.

And one of these days I'm gonna sit down and learn a bit about html codes.  I am.  You'll see.  For now, I'm one-change-at-a-time-ing it.

[ bi kúmming ]

1. any process of change.
2. (Philosophy) (in the philosophy of Aristotle) any change from 
the lower level of potentiality to the higher level of actuality.

1. showing somebody to advantage: attractively suitable for somebody's appearance.
2. befitting: appropriate or fitting for somebody.

Maybe it's my need for clutter-less spaces.  I'm a big believer in few words rightly spoken.  Less is so often more.  And "Becoming" pretty much sums up "Buds & Blossoms: The Art of Becoming," dontcha think?

Maybe it better defines my intention for this blog.

I am very aware, we can become most anything.  If we want to be a doctor, we can work hard through schooling and good grades.  If we want, and we start down the path, we can become President, or we can become a teacher.  We can become a world traveler, a tennis enthusiast, a hard worker, a health-nut, a truth seeker, a do-it-yourself-er, a restorer of people, a marathon runner, a friend, a human rights activist.

But we can also point our feet down other directions, establishing our becoming down darker paths.  We can choose to see the grass greener in other places and shake off our marriage vows.  We can choose to see ourselves as victims in life and become embittered at the world.  We can choose to repeatedly give in to our urges and so become angry, fraudulent, manipulative, a home-wrecker, a liar, a person unafraid of using others to advance in the world.

Cue blog name change.

I hope to grow increasingly lovely.  I hope you hope for that in your life, too.  That we'd be willing to make hard choices and sacrifices and keep at it.  That we would develop and struggle and stretch.  And that all the while we would grow more flattering, more attractive, more suitable in our own skin and dreams and abilities and passions.

Things are changing at our house...

My little man turns one on Sunday.  How is this possible?

I'm decluttering my heart, too.  More than anything, I want Jesus.  I want to be moving closer to Him all the days of my life.  To grow more suitable and appropriate and lovely in this one wild and precious life He has given me.  That I will have lived my life well.
May our roots grow down deep in His love.  May we trust Him to be our Road Map.  And may we set out, hearts ready for the adventure of living life with Him, growing more lovely along the way.

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