Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enjoy (v.)

You know you're at my sisters' place when you play Twister around Hot Wheels down the hallway, your morning coffee is wrapped in witty quotes from the Gilmore Girls, and you laugh...hard.  Gasping for breaths and tears rolling down cheeks kinda hard.

It was a really great trip.

"Oy, with the poodles already."  Oh, c'mon.  Try that one out today.  You'll be glad you did.

We reaffirmed our commitment that our kids will know each other, grow up together.  We shared toys and swapped stories.  We had races in the back yard.  We caught each other up on life and littles, and how rich littles make life.   

And we enjoyed the precious bond of sister.  That no matter how near or far away our houses are, we carry each other's history, secrets, and humor home with us. 

I'm so thankful Eden and Baby Love will share that.

Life is certainly enjoyed in the big moments, trips and celebrations and promotions.  First ultrasounds and bringing new babies home for the first time.  Reuniting with loved ones.  The I Do's and I Still Do's of wedding days and anniversaries.  But there's much to enjoy in the in-betweens - those little, less flashy moments of life.  We are finding our summer full of them.

Like dancing, whenever and wherever you hear a good song.

And family game nights.  Real men play games about princesses and peas, by the way.

And Sara's oh-so-yummy Affogato (recipe here.)  Delish.

Oh, yeah...and going braceless.  Hello there ankle.  I'll take ya - swelling and all.  Nice to have you back.

I sincerely hope whatever this Wednesday holds for you, you are finding yourself enjoying the big and the little moments that make up your life. 

Enjoy is a verb, you know, so go ahead and do something about what you are appreciating, relishing, adoring.  Even if it's just a simple nod of recognition, a pause to trace and freeze-frame it in your memory box. 

Enjoy this day.


  1. Ang, I love your writing style. You definitely make me wish for a sister, but thankful for the sister friends that God has blessed me with instead. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy this day...I was allowing myself to be overwhelmed by some of the obstacles that I can foresee instead of remembering Who has given the day with it's challenges and surprises. Thank you!

  2. Love it :) I can certainly relate to having a wonderful sister relationship! I have to laugh at the pic of John playing the princess game with Eden......I knew I married a great guy when I walked in on him playing the "Magic Barbie Date Game" with adorable :)