Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Thousand Words

Our (mostly Instagram) pictures.

Summer Table

Anthropologie's Aloha Orchid...J'adore.

Shopping with Daddy is fun!  And can I just say how these take me back?

"I'll do my hair all by myself, Mom."

Dinner with Jon's work at P.F. Changs.

Holla!  I'm back to taking walks with the kids!

Little garden helper #1.

Little garden helper #2.

Saturday we set out to do some exploring in our new city, no set destination - just jumped in the car and drove off in search of an artisan coffeehouse to frequent as a family.  Thunder and lighting argued above us, but we didn't mind. 

We ended up in The Short North.  Let me tell you, it took me by the hand, spung me around a couple times, and won my heart with its boutiques, Victorian architecture, and weathered brick.  I was swooning - a few hours was not enough time spent.  Didn't find "our spot" but the coffee was good and the time together was fun.

A little window shopping...  "Ball," says Si.

Sunday we set out to check off one of the items on our summer list: a drive-in with my family, a summer tradition growing up and our kids' maiden voyage to the silver screen under starry sky. 

The overnight did not go as planned.  Half an hour into the movie, Eden was running a fever and I left with the kids.  My travel toothbrush tasted like perfume.  We nixed our splash pad and fireworks plans the next day and headed home for a quiet, just-us-Happy-Fourth-of-July celebration. 

Jon scavenged the locals stores for sparklers.  Not an easy feat on July 4.  But he came home victorious.

And though I have no photographic evidence to show you, Si added two words to his vocab this week: "roar" and "choo choo".  He roars all the time now, even at thunder.  LOVE.

In the aftermath of this holiday weekend, I'm thankful.  Thankful for long weekends together, for summer fun and for the men and women that continue to protect our nation's freedom.  Thank you Armed Forces.  And a very special thank you to the families (many dear ones I know) that sacrifice their loved ones and family time for this land that, though imperfect, we love.

Happy July, all!

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  1. so special, ang - those are beautiful memories, as "unplanned" as some of them were :) eden's eyes on the sparkler is precious!