Friday, July 15, 2011


When Jon and I first got married our home was...beige.  Antiqued white apartment walls, tan couches, espresso coffee table, cream and flax dining table (though calling it a "dining table" is a definite exaggeration - think one up from t.v. tray...)  Our bathroom towels, dish rags - tan.  And our duvet?  Our bedding to scream newlywed-ed romance?  Yep, you guessed it...oatmeal.  Oh, yeah, I did have a few red pillows.  Annnnd our carpet was blue. 

I'm half laughing as I write this; the other half is somewhere on the I'm-mortified-I-just-said-that-out-loud scale.  Back then, I would have told you that I just wanted something I'd love in 10, 20 years.  'Cuz obviously...oatmeal is timeless.

Retrospect whispers, as it often does, that I was afraid.  I was afraid of committing to a color and hating it.  Afraid of mistake.  Afraid of driving my husband crazy with my indecision.  So I played

I'm not sure when the blues and greens and yellows and oranges bled through.  Maybe the tides of color rolled in with our kiddos, who's laughter and adventure and spitfire are anything but beige. 

Maybe it's the women I call friends who've taught me so much about living in a home, and letting that life show, dirty kitchen, trail of toys, and all.  Maybe it's that I have changed - far less worried about mistakes.  Far more concerned about the alternative, which is to never try.  Whatever it is, I'm so glad I embraced the change and the color wheel.

Can I just say how much this applies to life?  We can choose to befriend those like us.  We can choose to view the differences between our spouses and ourselves negatively.  We can squelch the uniqueness in our littles, expecting them to conform to miniature versions of ourselves.  But wouldn't that all be very...vanilla?

Once again, Jon and I find ourselves surrounded by antiqued white walls of rented space.  It's where we are for now, but that's okay - color finds a way.  Trim added to curtains, dining chairs recovered, furniture painted are all on the list of to-dos.

Fabric for 2 of our 6 chairs.  Each chair gets it's own fun pattern.

First on the list of furni-paint is this new-to-us piece I found on Craigslist.  We needed more storage in the kitchen; this fits the bill perfectly.

Map of India, momento my grandpa brought back from a trip; string of birds, World Market.

I'm thinking mustard, fresh green, maybe even teal.  I might hate and change it; that's okay.

Farewell beige, tan, flax, oatmeal.  Hello color.  Hello mis-step.  Hello different.  Hello life.


  1. oh, Angie, I can so relate to this post. We bought a navy comforter and had so little color at first. Now there's only one room of this house that hasn't been painted and filled with color to some extent. I was so afraid of hating something that I worked hard to do, but in the end, even if it took 4 or 5 coats of different paint to get it to where it is, it just made me appreciate it more.

  2. Oh, my. I'm 53 and I still choose "safe". What has happened to me???????

  3. that dining room chair fabric is rockin'! where did you find it? and, you may have floor envy, but i have craigslist-find-envy :) that is gonna be just gorgeous, whatever color you choose, and what a good reminder it will be to risk.

  4. Heather - so glad I'm not alone. :) thanks for jumping out on the I-can't-believe-I-said-that-out-loud scale with me!

    Aunt Julie, so not true. I've been to your house - it is lovely. And so are you.

    Sara, fabric is from Jo-Ann's actually. So thankful for your blogship. :) so serious about a trip together. IKEA? Antiquing? No doubt our Siamese souls would have a blast.